Monday, 16 December 2013

United-21 Retreat - Best Lonavala Resort for a pleasant stay!

Located at an altitude of more than 600 metres, Lonavala has become one of the major travel destinations in recent times. Its name has been derived from a Sanskrit word 'Lonavli', which means 'caves'. Considering the fact that there are several caves in this region, it becomes apparent why this hill station has been given the name, 'Lonavala'. People come from distant places to enjoy its unpolluted environment and vast expanses of greenery. They also look for the best Lonavala resort for having a pleasant stay while vacationing in this region. Basic facilities in hotels and resorts are always demanded by tourists, but many of them look for some extra amenities.

When it comes to providing a memorable stay for tourists during their vacations, the resorts and hotels of Panoramic Group have always been a favorite among many travelers. This group is among the leading multinational companies in the business of hospitality, travel and tourism. It has its presence in many countries across the world, such as Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and United States of America. In recent times, it has also explored various business segments like Information Technology, Timeshare, Arts and Entertainment. The resort that it has launched in Lonavala, is another big leap that this group has taken in its hospitality business.

With plenty of facilities offered in all of its 20 Super Deluxe rooms, tourists booking their accommodations in United-21 Retreat would fall in love with the resort. Some of the most excellent services are provided in this resort, such as, sightseeing tours, airport transfers and a multi-cuisine restaurant. Guests can also have the opportunity to visit several exciting places like Valvan Dam, Lonavala Lake, Lohagad Fort and Bhushi Dam. The enchanting natural beauty that surrounds this resort would be enough for the guests to forget all their worries of life.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Best Places to visit in Lonavala

While travelling by road from Mumbai to Pune after moving ahead of Karjat, you will come across two places on the top of the hillocks called Khandala and Lonavala. Being on the top of the hills and at a great height from sea level they are blessed with a clear atmosphere through out the year. Lonvala is the midpoint of the Journey, while reaching Pune from Mumbai. This strategic location of the hill station between Mumbai and Pune has made it popular among the tourists passing through this route. Lonavala’s history reveals that it was an important place in the history of the region hence it is abundant of forts and historical monuments.

The hill station of Lonavala tucked on Sahyadri ranges at a height of around two thousand feet is spread on an area of about forty km and is the most popular monsoon destination. The region is full of many attractions for the visitors like -

Karla, Bhaja and Beda caves which are the ancient monuments located near Bhaja village which are the best example of Buddhist architecture. An ancient cave temple and the inscriptions in these caves are the major attractions of Bhaja. Karla caves are a huge complex covering Buddhist caves carved inside huge rocks located near village Karli. Bedse caves are located in Maval taluka of Pune district. 

Rajmachi Point is a spot which offers beautiful view of one of the popular forts of Shivaji called Rajmachi and its surrounding area. It can be approached from Lonavala station which is located at just 6.5 km. The point is also popular among trekkers who enjoy an exclusive trekking experience here. 

Lohagad Fort tucked on a height of around three thousand feet overlooks the surrounding region, with fort Visapur located to its eastern side. A big sweet water tank inside Lohagad is the main wonder of the fort.

Bushi dam is the prime attraction of Lonavala tourism which is captured by large number of picnickers and weekender's. They gather in large numbers to catch early showers of rainy season, which normally starts in June.

Ekvira Devi temple located outside the Karla caves is more popular among the visitors, since it is a great faith among the devotees that the deity always fulfills their wishes. The fishermen community from nearby as well as far away places visits this temple at regular intervals.

Considering the importance of this weekend gateway between Mumbai and Pune, Panoramic Group has introduced hotel United-21 Retreat Resort in Lonavala at the most strategic location near Zalewadi sanitorium on Mumbai Pune National highway to serve the weekenders. It is also the best point to take a break during your Mumbai-Pune road journey.