Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pride of Lonavala the tasty sweet called “Chikki”

If you are travelling on a train from Mumbai to Pune the midpoint of your journey is Lonavala. While travelling from Mumbai after leaving Karjat you will be excited by viewing the majesty of the sahyadris as the train starts climbing a steep slope called Khandala Ghat in local language. In the journey from Karjat to Khandala you will notice number of tunnels through which the train passes brilliantly to reach the summit point at Khandala. Next to Khandala when you will arrive at Lonavala you will be hammered by the shouts of “Chikki”, Lonavala Chikki”.

The shouts of the Chikki vendors in Lonvala arouse a curiosity and many questions in our minds like how this Chikki was invented, who invented it and when? Answers to these questions will make it possible for us to know more about this crispy sweet, which is said to be a pocket friendly past time for the poor and rich, kids as well as the grownups. History of this popular Indian sweet reveals that it was invented accidentally and not purposely. Once upon a time Britishers stationed in this region used to give jaggary and groundnuts to the labors working on railway projects. 

One of them thought instead of giving the ingredients separately if it is mixed and given it will be more convenient. This was the first instance of making of this sugary sweet which after many modifications reached its present look. In Maharashtra it is prepared on large scale at Lonavala because of the suitable and sober climate of the place. Previously having only a few shops at present there are hundreds of shops selling branded Chikki and jelly products at this hill station of Maharashtra. These products are even exported to many other states and even they have crossed the country borders. 
This crunchy traditional sweet generally made from ingredients like groundnuts, cashew, peanuts, seasame, khopra, almonds, as well as pistachios which are mixed with jaggery are named according to the contents. Taste this pack of sweets once and you will become a “Chikki” lover for the rest of your life.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Enjoy Nature With A Stay At United-21 Retreat

An immensely popular hill station, Lonavala is all about unpolluted surroundings and vast expanses of natural beauty. It is located at an altitude of 625 metres and attracts plenty of tourists every year. Many of them come from Mumbai to spend their weekends in the midst of the serene environments of Lonavala. Resorts and hotels in Lonavala offer accommodations for tourists that are reasonably priced and located close to most of the tourist spots. Many of the tourists prefer to visit this unique travel destination during the monsoons. This is the time when they can enjoy touring its waterfalls and lakes, other than the greener surroundings.

 For couples, this is a great romantic getaway that takes them away from the hustle-bustle of cities and makes them relax in the company of scenic locations. Whether it is the newly-weds or leisure travellers, anyone would love to be surrounded by mesmerizing beauty of nature. The United-21 Retreat Lonavala tourists book for their stay, has all the modern facilities that are designed for their comfortable stay. It has been created in the midst of lush green hills, offering rooms that are tastefully furnished and that have a pleasing ambience.

Tourists who are looking for a great place to stay while touring Lonavala can choose to book a Super Deluxe room of United-21 Retreat, which has a double bed and comfortable air-conditioning. Among the resorts and hotels in Lonavala for tourists, this is where anyone can find a peaceful atmosphere and a pleasing hospitality. There are plenty of services awaiting the guests of United-21 Retreat, such as, LCD television, excursions to the attractions nearby, landscaped garden, tea-coffee maker in the rooms and many other amenities. Owing to its convenient location, tourists would not have any hassles while getting to it from the railway station or bus stand.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Summer season has arrived, so our Wave Pool is waiting for you!

View of United-21 Retreat Lonavala from Wave Pool Summer season has arrived, so our Wave Pool is also waiting for You!

Make your Lonavala Vacation more comfortable by staying at United-21 Retreat Lonavala .

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