Monday, 5 May 2014

Cultural and Spiritual wealth of Lonavala

Maharashtra is blessed with the Sahyadri hill ranges and a part of these hills at Lonvala offers a scenic beauty of the hill. It is a best combination of the Deccan plateau and the Konkan coast. This region is preserving the cultural heritage of the region in the form of historic temples and caves attracting people from many distant places. The temples keep a lot of importance to some particular communities, who gather here during some important festivals. Ek-vira Devi temple is the live example of such devotional places.

Yoga the ancient Indian art has prospered more in foreign land than in its country of origin. But a few people like Swami Kuvalyananda have taken this issue of preserving this ancient art in Indian soil seriously. To serve this purpose he established this Yoga ashram in the year 1924. The spiritual wealth of Lonavala is dispersed at institutions like Kaivalyadham health and yoga center, which is a combination of spiritual and scientific research. It is making efforts to attain coordination between modern sciences and ancient yogic arts.

The founder of the institute was eager to implement his knowledge of modern science with the ancient art of Yoga. This has proved to be a best combination welcoming the health conscious people to this abode of nature. The aim of establishing this center was to train the learned young and intelligent people about how this art of living life helps in bringing positive changes in your life. People from worldwide locations come here to get some basic and advanced lessons in Yoga. It provides guidance to this people towards applying the concepts of Yoga in their own culture. 
Apart from its popularity of a vibrant hill station of Maharashtra, there are many cultural as well as spiritual activities to join in Lonavala. The serenity of the place and the natural surroundings of the place create a good atmosphere for the variety of activities to be joined here.