Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lonavala Is Full Of Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Located at an altitude of 625 metres, Lonavala is a famous hill station in the Pune district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It has come a long way since its discovery by Sir Elphistone, Governor of Bombay Presidency in the late nineteenth century. Many people visit this region annually for various reasons, but it is the unpolluted environs of Lonavala that appeal the most to the visitors. There are some truly interesting places to visit in Lonavala depending on the time spent in this region..

The name Lonavala is derived from a Sanskrit word called 'Lonavli', which bears  reference to  the numerous caves in this place. Among them are the Bhaja Caves, a series of caves built by Buddhist nuns (confirm whether monks or nuns), many centuries ago.  Visitors can find some amazing sculptures depicting several characters like armed warriors and dancing couples. One of the most popular Lonavala tourist attractions is Bushi Dam which is also the most preferred picnic spots in the hill station. It is set against the backdrop of beautiful natural landscapes and majestic hilly terrains. Karla Caves, Koregad Fort and Tikona Fort are some of the other well-known attractions that travellers  visit while touring Lonavala.

Hotels and resorts for different budget scales are found in Lonavala, and many of them are located close to the railway station. Travellers can also reach these hotels from nearby airports and bus stands using local transportation or by hiring a private vehicle. Tourists looking for a multi-cuisine restaurant in Lonavala can find one in some of the popular resorts and hotels in this region. While lodging in them, they can also have the desired convenience of visiting all the popular attractions of Lonavala. Modern facilities made available in the rooms and suites of these hotels and resorts would make their stay truly comfortable.