Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Monsoon magic: A trip to Lonavala

Our team at 'Magic Holidays' venturing for the latest in this season recommend a visit to Lonavala for a unique hill-station experience. It is the best visited place during the monsoon season, quenching every mood, bringing light-hearted feeling to everyone, every year.

Nestled in the western ghats of the Sahayadri mountains range in the state of Maharashtra, Lonavala a unique hill station, reveals the scenic vibrancy of the region during monsoon season. It is located amidst shimmering waterfalls, mist-clad, fragrance of the blossoming earth.

Lonavala is a place suitable whether you plan a weekend trip or a week's stay. Treating your senses with the lush green landscapes and everything fresh around. Usually this place is crowded in the weekends so, plan your stay in advance to avoid last-minute booking complications. Other safest and easest mode will be to pact with 'Magic Holidays' that organises and arranges all that you need just by becoming a valid member to timeshare of its owned properties. One of our many prestigious brand hotels and resorts is the United-21Retreat,Lonavala that offers impeccable services and facilities, fully equipped rooms for a pleasant stay while you enjoy the places around being rest assured of accommodation.

A place is identified with its rare local commodities that are available at that place only. Similarly, Lonavla is famous for handmade candy made out of jaggery known as 'chikki' that is healthy as well as tasty. Lonavala is ideal for trekking, hiking and more.

If you are a park lover, you will surely like Ryewood Park and garden embedding tall dense trees and the best picnic spot. While you have fun in the park you can also feel the subtle vibrations as a Shiva Temple within it makes up the atmosphere.

Lonavala is bestowed with several lakes like Tungarli Lake, best visited during rainy season and retains its beauty even after the monsoons. The Pawna Lake, Lonavala Lake and Valvan Lake offer scenic views and popular for picnics. One of the most visited of caves is the Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves.