Friday, 5 September 2014

Lonavala: One of the best hill stations in Maharashtra

Lonavala has become a popular place for tourists coming from its neighbouring cities like Mumbai and Pune. Travellers from other parts of the world also visit this hill station for touring the different places of interest. A Lonavala holiday is always a rejuvenating experience for people looking out for serene environs to escape the hustle-bustle of cities. Some honeymooners also choose this place to spend some memorable moments. This particular region in Pune district of the Indian state, Maharashtra, is also famous for its candy called 'Chikki'. Many popular films have also been shot at various locations of Lonavala that comprise of picturesque landscapes.

The name Lonavala means 'the resting place of stones' in Prakrit, which was one of the languages of India during ancient times. History of this region dates back to the 2nd century BC, and this is evident from the rock-cut caves of Karla and Bhaja located nearby. They are now among the well-known tourist attractions that are included in various Lonavala holiday packages offered by travel companies. Another fantastic place worth visiting is Tiger's Leap, which is a cliff-top that provides fascinating views of the green surroundings. Tourists can also enjoy a small waterfall around it that comes alive with the advent of monsoon showers. 

People travelling by air can get to this region from Pune Airport, which is located at a distance of about 64 kilometres from the hill station. Those who prefer to travel by trains can get to their desired spot in this region from Lonavala Railway Station. It is well-connected to neighbouring towns and cities by road, which makes it easy for tourists travelling by buses or private vehicles. Tourists can have a comfortable accommodation in Lonavala by booking a room or suite in any of the hotels or resorts in the hill station.