Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Relish the exciting trip to Bushi Dam near Lonavala

Tourists, especially those who reside in Mumbai or Pune always look forward to visit Bushi Dam near Lonavala during monsoons. At this particular spot, they can have loads of fun when the dam overflows. The amazing rocky terrain and water flowing over a series of steps attract many travellers every year. Huge crowds can be witnessed at this location on certain weekends or public holidays, as visitors throng the steps of this dam to enjoy the flowing water.

 Open areas near Bushi Dam are used as parking spaces, where the visitors can leave their vehicles before getting to the dam. Depending on the water level, they would have to make their way through knee-deep waters. Over a period of time, a few shops have come up in the vicinity of this dam. Visitors can buy corn and other snacks from these shops and enjoy them with tea. The best part is that all these items would be brought to you, while you are sitting on the rocks.

Best time to visit this dam is during monsoons, when the dam has plenty of water for tourists to splash around. The resorts in Lonavala provide comfortable accommodations for travellers who wish to enjoy a delightful holiday in this region.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Lonavala the crown of Maharashtra tourism

Lonavala is truly called “Crown of Maharashtra” due to the immaculate tourist potential conceived in its mountains, valleys, lakes, ancient caves, temples as well as its salubrious climate. Even though it has become more popular as a place to spend a few days with your family or celebrate a bachelor’s party at one of the many villas located in its periphery. Still it has maintained its importance as the centre of attractions with many sightseeing places tucked on a little distance from the city centre. 

One of the most attractive points which can be visited in the vicinity of Lonavala is none other than Rajmachi point, which includes the ancient fort and wildlife sanctuary located at the foothills of Western Ghats. It offers a chance to view the endangered species of mammoth Indian squirrel and come across the wild animals which are wandering freely in their natural habitat instead of locked in the cages. Safari tour available here makes it possible to view the animals from a close distance. The sanctuary offers better opportunities of trekking, taking a nature walk and bird watching. Located at just twenty km from Lonavala railway station it is a best weekend destination from Mumbai.