Friday, 9 January 2015

Explore the Captivating Views of Lonavala Forts:

An ideal getaway for people of different age groups, Lonavala is an immensely popular hill station in the western belt of Maharashtra. Located approximately 625 meters above the sea, this marvellous hill station is an integral part of the breathtaking Sahayadri hills. The name of this place has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Lonavli’, which literally means ‘caves’. The word Lonavala can be bifurcated into Len, which means a resting place carved from stone & Avli, which means ‘a series’. There are many things to do in Lonavala, so you’re never going to get bored on your visit to this hill station. Hikers and nature lovers choose to visit forts of this place. Following are some popular forts in this region:

Lohagarh: The literal meaning of Lohagarh is ‘Iron Fort’. It is a monumental hill fort situated on the massively admired Sahayadri ranges. An interesting trivia about this fort is that it divides the Indrayani and Pavna basin. Located at an altitude of 1050 meters above sea, this fort was used by the legendary Maratha warrior Shivaji.

Tung Fort: This fort was primarily constructed to complicate the access of enemy in this area. Popularly known as Kanthigad, this fort was used by Maratha kings. Beautifully perched at an astonishing height of 3500 feet, the hilly terrain and spell-binding valleys around this fort make it an ideal destination among tourists.